The book was great. As a teacher that has experienced so many boys that do not like to read, this will work great in the classroom. I ordered several copies to give as gifts to the boys in the family as well. The illustrations went great with the text and the young boy was brought to life. As with this book as well as with the other books from this author, we can all relate to these experiences. I can’t wait until the next book comes out. Every elementary classroom needs to have this in their class library as well as in the school library. I congratulate the author for bringing us something so meaningful.

Lois A. Jones - Amazon Reviewer

My gifted fifth grade son does not enjoy reading. In order to keep up with the reading requirements for the gifted education program, we’ve had to bribe him, and come up with reward systems to make it through the 300+ page books every three weeks. I ordered this book to add to the library in my fourth grade classroom. When my son saw the book on the front seat of my car, he read the title and began to read the book. After he got to the end, he said, “O.K., I get it. I’ll read more. It’s important.” Message received! Thank you for delivering an encouraging message about the importance of reading.

Charlice Noble-Jones - Amazon Reviewer

We received our book today and it is stunning in both prose and pictures. Both of my kids have just gotten it and have read it now several times. The main character Robbie is extremely relatable (especially) to my son! The distinct rhythms of the paragraphs were great in our fluency practice. The creativity pulled them and held them from start to finish. Kudos to Mrs. McConduit!

Keyana J. Fletcher - Amazon Reviewer

Robbie doesn’t like reading. With the sweep of a sorcerer’s magical wand, he no longer has to worry about this dreaded activity. In this rhyming book, his expression goes from boredom to glee to horror as he gets a glimpse of a world without words. Colorful lively illustrations make readers realize that reading doesn’t only take place in the pages of a book. This story has the potential to open up a whole avenue of discussion about where we read and why reading is an important skill.

Linda Zajac - Amazon Reviewer

Great book, good read. My daughter enjoyed reading it. There is a great moral to the story with wonderful twists I between.

Berenice Guerrero - Amazon Reviewer

This is a lovely book about the history and traditions of a New Orleans tradition. It will appeal to young and old, black and white, especially now after Katrina when New Orleans people are trying so hard to hang on to what is left of their former lives and traditions.

Kathleen D. - Slidell, LA

Mardi Gras is coming and for the first time, young D. J. is going to be a page for the queen of Zulu, the oldest black parade in the New Orleans Mardi Gras. With his beads, costume, and even that dreaded makeup he despises so much, he is prepared to serve his queen as one of the stars of the parade.

Pelican Publishing Co.

A wonderful children’s book to have in any elementary school or public library.

Louisiana Library Association Bulletin

A book that is a celebration of a city and its music as well as a celebration of family.

Multicultural Review

We go with him and are in for a truly invigorating experience.

Children’s Literature