D.J. and the Jazz Fest

D.J. and the Jazz Fest by Denise McConduitWhere in the world can children hear jazz, gospel, blues, and Cajun music? Where can they eat foods like shrimp po’ boys and strawberry snowballs? Where can they buy handmade crafts and see performances of all kinds by people of all ages? They can do all of this and more only at Jazz Fest in New Orleans!

D.J. reluctantly agrees to go to his first Jazz Fest with his mother and her godmother, Nanan. Looking cool in his favorite baseball cap and new sunglasses, D.J. first notices the large crowd of people and the huge tents everywhere that hold the stages for the performers.

At the Children’s Tent, girls perform an Oriental dance and a boy D.J.’s size breaks boards with his foot! D.J. meets his cousin, Jonathan, in the Children’s Tent, and they go on to have a great day filled with food, music, and crafts. As D.J. would say himself, “It was a great Jazz Fest weekend indeed!”



“D.J. reluctantly agrees to go to his first Jazz Fest with his relatives, only to discover an unexpected world of culture and music.”

— Midwest Book Review

“We go with him and are in for a truly invigorating experience.”

— Children’s Literature

“A book that is a celebration of a city and its music as well as a celebration of family.”

— Multicultural Review

“A wonderful children’s book to have in any elementary school or public library.”

— Louisiana Library Association Bulletin