D.J. and the Debutante Ball

D.J. and the Debutante Ball by Denise McConduitAt D.J.’s grandfather’s birthday dinner, an announcement is made. D.J. learns that his sister will be the queen of the debutante ball and that he will be a page. He soon discovers that being involved in a debutante ball is a lot of work and includes learning how to be a gentleman.

After one day there, D.J. and his cousin Alex prove to be washouts at the Maison de Etiquette School. However, Grandfather saves the day when he invites D.J. and Alex for a weekend away to learn about manners. Instead of being a chore, learning how to be a gentleman becomes an adventure for D.J. and his cousin.

D.J. and the Debutante Ball is a great book for all those little boys who love being boys and think that manners are just for girls. Sometimes, even little boys have to be gentlemen, as D.J. discovers, and this book makes learning etiquette fun.



“D.J.’s rough-and-tumble character contrasts entertainingly with the formal situation in which he finds himself. Young readers will sympathize with his resistance to becoming more civilized and they may pick up some tips about manners along the way.”

— New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Here is a delightful little book that helps us understand the Mardi Gras mystique and gives us another chapter in D.J.’s adventurous life.”

— Columbus (Miss.) Commercial Dispatch